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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Awesome-A Battle Valley Dark Rises Remix 4m 20s 0 D
Scorpion Last Ninja '96 medley 5m 13s 0 -
Johan Andersson Terra Cresta 3m 20s 0 D
Peacemaker Lightforce (Komische Mischung) 3m 46s 0 D
Fabio Marinelli Operation Wolf - Title Theme Remix 3m 13s 0 D
DjUnz! Foreign Girl (Platones McCheese Areolas) 6m 3s 0 D
JB Xplodingfist Way of the Exploding Fist (Medley) 2m 30s 0 D
Wobbler Overlame (my commodore remix) 6m 26s 0 D
Dr Future Glider Rider (SAW 5) 4m 36s 0 D
Steve Foster Dreams II 3m 30s 0 D
J. Hornanvasara Ocean Loader 3 (by Hornanvasara) 2m 51s 0 D
Rebulus The last ninja 2 - CENTRAL PARK THEME 5m 19s 0 D
Gzilla Mega Starforce 4m 23s 0 D
Jinx138 Hades Nebula Title (Etheral Chill Remix) 6m 11s 0 D
JLD The DemoSceniors 3m 55s 0 D
Chabee Be There (Caribian Dreams) 3m 40s 0 D
mind.in.a.box We Cannot Go Back to the Past 4m 44s 0 -
M+ Sanxion 6m 39s 0 -
Eric Spy Vs. Spy (Acoustic) 3m 14s 0 D
Ferrara Target Renegade (August 1999 remix) 3m 7s 0 D
PeppaJP Ice Cold (Tribute to Rock and J.Bjerregaard) 3m 36s 0 D
BaR Thrust (Full of Oxygene Remix) 5m 17s 0 D
Colmarr Uuno Turhapuro (Finnish Nightmare) 4m 11s 0 D
manganoid Asterix - Trapped in the Roman Empire 3m 24s 0 D
Philip Bak Thrust 6m 49s 0 D