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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Martin Dodd Leviathan (Classic Trance Mix In 2006) 3m 55s 0 D
Dr Future Armageddon Man (Brave New World) 3m 31s 0 D
beyond Stifflip & co 2m 9s 0 D
Skaven252 Lightforce 6m 24s 0 D
Fabian del Priore Sunset Shuffle (Pina Colada Mix) 3m 52s 0 D
Dr.Future Grand Prix Circuit 3m 21s 0 D
MRT Will You remember (Gone) 4m 47s 0 D
Wobbler Max Headroom (eight-six-remake) 3m 54s 0 D
0supereg0 Delcatos 5m 19s 0 D
Michiel Soede The Last Ninja - Wastelands loader 4m 28s 0 D
Funk Reflex Target Renegade 4m 2s 0 D
Skimpy Monty on the Run, High Score Theme 6m 15s 0 -
Johan Andersson Green Beret (The Green Revenge of Monty mix) 5m 26s 0 D
DHS Meanwhile the Planet (Fatten Sticazzi Edit) 5m 55s 0 D
Eivind Sommersten Hawaiian Punch 3m 44s 0 D
Zambamatic Seaside Rumba-Last Ninja 2m 57s 0 D
C64toBit64 Vision Of France II 3m 8s 0 D
Fabian del Priore Traz (Rapture Remix) 4m 26s 0 D
Reyn Ouwehand Parallax [title] 11m 35s 0 -
Wobbler Commando Hiscore (Eighteen Years Later) 4m 25s 0 D
Marcus Hoffrén Ocean Loader v2 4m 22s 0 -
JLD Lazy Bytes 3m 52s 0 D
Glyn R. Brown Myth 5m 14s 0 D
DHS IK+ (Chemical Stadium Remix) 7m 48s 0 D
Steven Diemer (A-Man) Wonderland (Funky Space Mix) 4m 21s 0 D