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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Ben Daglish & C.Abbott Trap (Ben Daglish) 9m 36s 0 -
nOOgz McKracken (z2) 2m 21s 0 -
Karl R Pettersen Mikie'ish (ELP Live Mix - NOT) 5m 15s 0 D
Markus Holler Moments of Everydayness 3m 52s 0 D
Gavin Lucas Last Ninja 3 - Wind 6m 3s 0 D
Tapio Siironen Cosmic Causeway Remix 3m 51s 0 D
Hege8 Gem'x 4m 4s 0 D
The SIE Rock 'n Roll (Sleeping Titanic) 3m 29s 0 D
Commodore Project Commodore Project - Cobra 3m 26s 0 -
Mark Stothard Rambo First Blood Part II (in game) 4m 23s 0 D
KisCopy Giana Sisters (Stage 4) 5m 33s 0 D
Hazel Spellbound (64 Knights And One Round Table) 5m 7s 0 D
Remix Inc Salamander (Live By the Moments mix) 4m 31s 0 D
Peacemaker Scumball (dirty rough and brutal) 2m 52s 0 D
PowerTrace Green Beret (Chillout ReMix) 5m 11s 0 D
PICRARD Arkanoid Main Theme 2m 22s 0 D
Glyn R. Brown Blasteroids 3m 50s 0 D
Ollas & Ziphoid Combat Crazy 4m 21s 0 D
elwood Driller (Subtractor Remix) 8m 53s 0 D
Rune-Bertil's Boogie On a Spring (JP style) 3m 8s 0 D
X-formZ Druid II (Epic Darkness) 4m 40s 0 D
2Klang Hunter's Moon (Annika's Mix) 3m 43s 0 D
Carsten Pedersen Bruce Lee (CPU1970 mix) 4m 12s 0 D
Markus Schneider Golden Axe (Christmas Edition) 5m 18s 0 D
Cubud Kettle (Fancy a cuppa remix) 2m 52s 0 D