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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Mortalshock Thrust Electro Remix 3m 50s 0 D
Alistair 'Boz' Bowness Ocean Loader v4 (Boz Fingerclick BIT Live Mix) [with C.Abbott] 3m 49s 0 -
Slaygon Compleeto 3m 40s 0 D
CZ Tunes R-Type - Title 5m 7s 0 D
Nada Gremlins II (The New Batch) 4m 44s 0 D
John Novak Stormlord (String Orchestra Cover) 5m 40s 0 D
Gibs Super Hang-On The Winning Run 2m 26s 0 D
Dafunk Celestielle Remix (twat unz rmx) 3m 22s 0 D
Awesome-A Katakis Trance Mix 2k4 4m 59s 0 D
LPChip Druid II Enlightenment (SID overdrive n funk mix) 3m 37s 0 D
Maciej Jasiszczak Tetris in dreams 6m 4s 0 D
Pirx R.I.S.K 3m 22s 0 D
Amok Rambo - First Blood 3m 35s 0 D
CHaK Times of Lore (remix) 3m 34s 0 D
MRT Nine Lives 6m 44s 0 D
daXX Commando 2013 Dubstep Rework 4m 1s 0 D
Amok Die Kneipen (ChubbyChasers-Mix) 3m 21s 0 D
Mr.Mephisto Magic Events (metalindustrial remake) 6m 8s 0 D
Mario Barbierato Green Beret (Mist On Me remix) 5m 19s 0 D
Jogeir Liljedahl Galway Is God 2000 (CD mix) 7m 35s 0 -
ionbladez Plastic Pop (We Know Your Beat remix) 4m 42s 0 D
Markus Schneider and Romeo Knight Mutants 4m 49s 0 D
Mordi Girl'N Guy (2011) 5m 2s 0 D
AcidBlock Robocop 3 ( Bangin Party Rmx ) 4m 15s 0 D
FeekZoid The Analogue Ninja 3m 37s 0 D