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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Seaweed Usagi Yojimbo (Symphonic) 3m 50s 0 D
Johan Andersson Hawkeye 4m 7s 0 D
Sonic Wanderer Antics (Back From The Dead) 3m 32s 0 D
Mitch van Hayden The Human Race (Pop goes Classics) 5m 34s 0 D
Cytex Last Ninja 2-The Streets (Lay Down Your Sword mix) 4m 3s 0 D
dor-x Kung Fu Master (Mountains Rock mix) 3m 12s 0 D
Vred Tristessed Variations on a harder (undulled) piano 3m 3s 0 D
Putzi Maniac Mansion (Clubmix) 7m 36s 0 D
Ferrara Just Another Day 4m 32s 0 D
Sun Dancer and Bloque OutRun Electro (LowFi Remix) 6m 39s 0 -
LPChip Monty on the run (In-game) 6m 12s 0 D
Dan Tootill Liliana from BSOD (Modeler Remix) 3m 12s 0 D
Emre Bulsat Commando (Summer Fiesta Mix) 4m 36s 0 D
JPH Black Hornet 2m 33s 0 D
XOR Lightforce 2006 (XOR's electronica remix) 7m 1s 0 D
Markus Holler Way of the Exploding Fist 2 (Neil Brennan) 4m 8s 0 -
LMan X'98 4m 51s 0 D
Xilukarim Erebus - Steelwork Edition 6m 44s 0 D
Jarle H. Olsen Future Knight 3m 22s 0 D
Socky TheReal Industrial Panther (remaster) 2m 32s 0 D
Dafunk Driven21 (tiny rmx) 3m 54s 0 D
Jogeir Liljedahl Terra Cresta 4m 19s 0 -
Jon Wells The Last Ninja 2 - The Mansion In-game 7m 50s 0 D
Zambamatic Flimbos Quest 2m 43s 0 D
Amp Denarius 2m 14s 0 D