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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Awesome-A Last Ninja 1+2 - Ninja Paradise Megamix 7m 2s 0 D
Infamous Arkanoid 6m 13s 0 D
MRT Crimson Blessing 5m 8s 0 D
fegolhuzz Cybernoid 2 Theme (Spacesynth remix) 4m 23s 0 D
Andreas Wallström and NecroPolo Blastin' 64 (0F Reasons To Wake Up Screaming) 5m 29s 0 D
Ioviani Twice Effect Demo Maker (Snowfresh Kool mix) 4m 8s 0 D
Alistair 'Boz' Bowness Detergent 1m 56s 0 D
Jon Wells Ninja (Original mix) 2m 3s 0 D
hlubenow Giana Sisters Title-Theme (Low Gravity Mix) 3m 52s 0 D
Aki Järvinen Samurai Warrior 3m 12s 0 D
Razmo Wizardry 1m 57s 0 D
Glyn R. Brown Storm 4m 36s 0 -
The Phekkis Outrun Europa - Stage 4 Spacetrip Remix 8m 12s 0 D
Mitch van Hayden Armageddon Man (Paralyzed Movie Trance Mix) 6m 54s 0 D
vurtX miami vice (myambient vices) 9m 20s 0 D
Danko Plasticpop 3m 55s 0 -
Sonic Wanderer Ball Blasta 2m 36s 0 D
Rauli & Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson Biggles (fly with your brain propeller) 4m 1s 0 D
Marcel Donné One Man and His Droid (CD submission mix) 6m 45s 0 D
Emzed Cash & Grab 4m 9s 0 -
MRT Cybernoid II 6m 45s 0 D
Sascha Basinski Turrican Guitar Remix Part 1 8m 18s 0 D
Foxfield Project Ocean Loader 4 (The Journey - Dark Trance Remix) 4m 52s 0 D
ziona Dynamoid remix 4m 17s 0 D
Rune-Bertil's Ghosts'n Goblins (Gueuze 'n Goblins mix) 5m 10s 0 D