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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
mind.in.a.box The Last V8 3m 53s 0 -
Ic3m4n Gloria (Un[z]titled) 5m 46s 0 D
Infamous Exolon 3m 25s 0 D
Kent 'Trace' Walldén & Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson TaskIII (Hum along with the task) 5m 40s 0 D
Instant Remedy Warriors (Club Version) 7m 13s 0 -
6581 The Last Ninja 2 (Central Park Theme) 5m 44s 0 -
CoLD SToRAGE Ocean Loader v2 - Upmix 4m 41s 0 D
daXX Golden Axe - Wilderness - Remastered 5m 15s 0 D
Oedipus BMX Kidz 3m 11s 0 -
Dr Future Cybernoid (Gargoyle's Theme) 6m 33s 0 D
Mutherpluckin' B Sanxion (Unsanxioned Soloing) 4m 23s 0 D
Nada Bossa 'n Goblins 4m 7s 0 D
Putzi Galactyforce (Makepeace ext. mix) 7m 34s 0 D
Reyn Ouwehand Wizball [high score] 2m 45s 0 D
Fabian Del Priore Red Max 2m 44s 0 -
Johan Andersson Comic Bakery (train beat mix) 3m 20s 0 D
Linus Åkesson One Man And His Piano 6m 45s 0 D
Vred Polished Plastic Piano (Modified Music Mix) 2m 57s 0 D
T-file Kowox 1 (short mix) 4m 25s 0 D
Thomas Detert Shades (Chris Hüelsbeck) 5m 12s 0 -
Marcel Donné Lightforce 7m 48s 0 -
o2 Zoids "Ancestors" (Larry Fast) 5m 53s 0 -
CZ Tunes Paperboy - Highscore 3m 37s 0 D
Dees Leave For Battle (Interstate NO5 Symphonic Remix) 3m 41s 0 D
Aki Järvinen Commando (2011 metal remix) 4m 30s 0 D