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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Alfredo Terpentin Firefly Title Theme 2m 33s 0 D
Merman Eliminator (Mega Meteor Mix) 7m 48s 0 D
sYmBoLs Last Ninja 2 - The office (in game) 4m 47s 0 D
Jeroen Breebaart Thrust 4m 45s 0 D
Funky Monkey Turrican II 3m 50s 0 D
Metal Advanced (Metal Remix) 4m 22s 0 D
Reyn Ouwehand Aztec Challenge 4m 5s 0 -
dr.blitzen Warhawk (Back To The 80's Remix) 4m 5s 0 D
Kent 'Trace' Walldén Way of the Exploding Fist (Dance) 6m 17s 0 -
Zyron Nexus [Blue Terminal Mix] 6m 13s 0 D
o2 Spellbound (Scenesat version) 6m 7s 0 D
The Dead Guys Paperboy (Peaperboayh) 4m 45s 0 -
Gibs Down (Remastered) 4m 46s 0 D
Franklin van Uden Rambo - First blood part II (quick Hunt Remix) 3m 36s 0 D
Marcel Donné Break Thru (your eardrums mix) 5m 17s 0 D
Toni Ferris Turbo Outrun 4m 32s 0 D
Paleface the Nitewalker Catalyptronica 5m 18s 0 D
TNT Last Ninja 2 The Office Loader 6m 11s 0 D
Emzed Caverns of Khafka 3m 31s 0 D
Waxhead SeikoRemix 2m 33s 0 D
Todi Commando (Smooth Commando) 4m 50s 0 D
Steve Foster Monty on the Run - High 3m 49s 0 D
Vred Kettle Remix 3m 19s 0 D
Ic3m4n Glider Rider (33th Mission) 4m 41s 0 D
pie vs pie Cybernoid II (halfway unplugged) 4m 4s 0 D