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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Digital Sanyo Llamusic 5m 57s 0 D
Peter Clarke, ziona & Slaygon Tales of Boon (The Collaboration Mix) 4m 44s 0 D
moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) Grillette 6m 13s 0 D
Marcus Geelnard The Last Ninja - The Palace (synthful remix) 5m 42s 0 D
Thomas Detert Gordian Tomb (Orchestral) 2m 29s 0 D
Johan Andersson Warhawk (rockabilly mix) 2m 50s 0 D
jgb Delta (live perf. on SLAY Radio) 4m 8s 0 -
SoundHelix Spy vs. Spy (Chill-Out Acid Squeeze Mix) 5m 25s 0 D
Johan Andersson Rambo (ingame chillout mix) 2m 59s 0 D
Dees Out Run - Splash Wave(Vintage Midsummer Edition) 3m 43s 0 D
Wobbler Dominator (Analogue Re-looped Relaxation) 4m 32s 0 D
laamaa Tristesse 2m 48s 0 D
Anders Hesselbom Gerry the Germ 4 2m 1s 0 D
Johan Andersson Panther (uncaged in the west mix) 3m 10s 0 D
SoundLogic Thing Bounces Back 5m 7s 0 D
Marcel Donné Delta - Ingame Theme 11m 16s 0 D
Serial Mojo Zig Zag 4m 19s 0 D
Rayza Disco Shit (Chunky Turd Mix) 3m 9s 0 D
daXX Gods Intro DaxxTRS Remix 4m 40s 0 -
SyTeQ Fist II The Legend Continues (SyTeQ mix) 3m 45s 0 D
MRT Supremacy 3m 34s 0 D
Grospixels Future Knight (Main Theme) 4m 44s 0 D
Kent 'Trace' Walldén Ski Dance (Funk mix) 4m 3s 0 D
SkyMarshall Arts Parallax ReLoaded 8m 40s 0 D
Peter W Catch II 3m 20s 0 D