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Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key D L T Tagged as
Infamous Xenophobe 3m 2s 0 D
Vaggelis Papadopoulos Golden Axe (RockMetal Cover) 4m 18s 0 D
MRT Artillery (demo music) 6m 33s 0 D
Kent 'Trace' Walldén OMAHD (Clubby house-trance mix) 8m 28s 0 D
WAIKO MCLOUD To Be On Top (Bad Michael mix) 5m 36s 0 D
Ländgassa Zoids Trap Remix 3m 51s 0 D
Colmarr Hercules Slayer of the Damned 5m 54s 0 D
Wobbler Paperboy (Flipping Pages In A Pile Of Snow) 4m 39s 0 D
Zionic Wanderer Gordian Tomb (Extended PowerPunch Edit) 5m 9s 0 D
Kent 'Trace' Walldén Platoon 4m 11s 0 -
Markus Schneider Genloc 3m 57s 0 D
timmya4000 Last Ninja 2 (the mansion) guitar rock cover 7m 54s 0 D
Michiel Soede Burp 3m 5s 0 D
Mac_Svenni Paperboy Wingroov Remix 3m 29s 0 D
Bart Klepka Last Ninja Jungle Resurrection 7m 32s 0 -
FTC Druid 2 (Fairlight Enlightment) 2m 22s 0 D
Rune-Bertil's International Karate 9m 9s 0 D
Westerling Platoon - The Jungle 3m 9s 0 D
LPChip No Mercy [s13] (SID Overdrive mix) 4m 8s 0 D
Black Bozze Last Ninja 2 - The Streets (Powerloaded) 5m 22s 0 D
Anders Hesselbom Ghosts'n Goblins 3m 25s 0 D
Xenox FN-Celestielle Remix 3m 44s 0 D
Jon Wells Zynaps '99 2m 57s 0 D
Marcel Donné Ocean Loader I 4m 51s 0 -
Joe [Stainless Steel] Barwick Hawkeye (kan-cha edit) 7m 35s 0 D