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L T D Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key Orchestral Tagged as
L 1 D Hazel
4m 43s 0 100.00% Orchestral(100.00%), Techno(100.00%)
1 D Ic3m4n
Copycat (Sunrise Mix)
5m 29s 0 100.00% Clap(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Lyrics(100.00%), Piano(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 D Subversive Elements
Tron - Loading Green Beret (Takes Too Fucking Long RMX)
3m 34s 0 100.00% Trumpet(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Relax(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%), Siddy(100.00%)
1 D Amp
3m 14s 0 100.00% Relax(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Piano(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
L 1 Thomas Detert
Indiana Jones (Ethno Revenge)
3m 53s 0 100.00% Flute(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Lyrics(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 D Slaygon
Driller (Impendeo Capitulus I)
6m 24s 0 100.00% Unz(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Guitar(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%), Trance(100.00%)
1 D Mano
Bombo (Hybrid Orchestra Remix)
3m 51s 0 100.00% Trumpet(100.00%), Guitar(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%), Rock(100.00%)
1 D Almehikilje
Green Beret (endless path...)
6m 57s 0 100.00% Flute(100.00%), Relax(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 D Paul Egginton
Nemesis - Level 1
1m 16s 0 100.00% Relax(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 D PeppaJP
Sea of Passion
6m 26s 0 100.00% Relax(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Ambient(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 C64orchestra
International Karate
6m 39s 0 100.00% Oriental(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 C64orchestra
One man and his droid
5m 4s 0 100.00% Game(100.00%), Orchestral(100.00%)
1 D Dummy
One man and his droid
4m 28s 0 100.00% Orchestral(100.00%)