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Think Twice III (Frankie Boz Edit) (feat. Perhaps-a-Doobie) by DjUnz! [Lyrics]

Artist: DjUnz!
Title: Think Twice III (Frankie Boz Edit) (feat. Perhaps-a-Doobie)
SID Composer: Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
Played: 2
Duration: 3m 23s
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Dance: 100.00% Electro: 100.00% Synth: 100.00%

Jan 16, 2012 - 20:28:08 by blitzed
you're not here n now I'm lonely x2
I'm on my own, no your not here
but if you...
they hit me, they hurt me
you told me to eat a bowl of pho?
sweet thing, do you remember the beginning
met on wall
I said hello, you said fuck offx2
now happy days are gone,
now I'm here wankin on the john
you and me baby, we can make it, you bitch!(gotta listen for lyrics)