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Mooz (What is Hip Hop mix) by Ic3m4n [Lyrics]

Artist: Ic3m4n
Title: Mooz (What is Hip Hop mix)
SID Composer: Piotr Kuciapski (Wizard)
Played: 2
Duration: 5m 17s
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Electro: 50.00% HipHop: 100.00% Piano: 100.00% Raggae: 50.00% Rap: 50.00% Siddy: 50.00% Slow: 50.00% Trumpet: 50.00%

Jan 16, 2012 - 19:00:38 by blitzed
let's go,
what is hophop?
...caught up in money,
then their money gone...
let's give 'em hiphop,
to me hiphop is all I see...
it's what I eat, sleep, and breathe...
..words can be lethal...
...ifya can't see it you're blind,
ifya can't hear it you deaf...
...start rappin,
it's the MIC in ya hand...
...you've got one shot to make it,
I'm takin it now...