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L T D Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key Dance Tagged as
BIT Live Anthem (Commando Edit)
4m 55s 0 100.00% Lyrics(100.00%), Techno(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
L 1 D mindtraP
Addiction (You are not Alone)
3m 50s 0 100.00% Clap(100.00%), Lyrics(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Rune-Bertil's
Monty On The Rocks
6m 15s 0 100.00% Clap(100.00%), Trumpet(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Piano(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D André Müller (Crefelder)
3m 23s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Relax(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Bassy(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
L 1 D Lagerfeldt
Angel (Merry X-Max)
3m 58s 0 100.00% Unz(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D AcidBlock
Elysion ( Summer Party Mix )
3m 34s 0 100.00% Electro(100.00%), Dance(100.00%), Siddy(100.00%)
1 D cyanuric
4m 16s 0 100.00% Clap(100.00%), Ambient(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Apple
Super Space Invaders (X-Files Remix)
5m 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
L 1 D Anthony Norris
Plastic Pop (The Past Remix)
3m 36s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Dance(100.00%), Siddy(100.00%)
L 1 D Mordi
Plastic Pop (I Miss You mix)
5m 29s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Dance(100.00%), Siddy(100.00%)
L 1 D Dr.Fikalover
I Would Like a Fika (Swedish Holy Ground)
4m 42s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Unz(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
L 1 D DjUnz!
Think Twice III (Frankie Boz Edit) (feat. Perhaps-a-Doobie)
3m 23s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
L 1 D The 909Sadist
Cauldron II (Besen Mix)
5m 7s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Sample(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Bassy(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 DJ Tobi
Lazy Jones 2001 Deluxe
5m 11s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Happy(100.00%), Piano(100.00%), Dance(100.00%), Siddy(100.00%)
2 D Dr.Fikalover
Bad Girls Need Love Too (Burning Chrome - The End)
4m 55s 0 50.00% Lyrics(100.00%), Unz(50.00%), House(50.00%), Techno(50.00%), Dance(50.00%)
1 D Style Error
Arkanoid 2007 (Clubmix)
4m 4s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Sample(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Pino Zulpo
Storm Sweet Remix (Synth Guitar)
6m 25s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Kjetiln
Spy vs Spy remix
5m 5s 0 100.00% Acapella(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Gorm Jensen
Street Cred Boxing
3m 11s 0 100.00% Techno(100.00%), Trance(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Hazel
Mugsys Revenge
2m 45s 0 100.00% Game(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D PowerTrace
blackmail tune1 (Extended and ReMastered)
4m 13s 0 100.00% Unz(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Proteque
Outrun - Magical Sound Shower
4m 9s 0 100.00% Dance(100.00%)
1 D Peter W
Albedo (The 80s Mix)
4m 53s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Techno(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D Ic3m4n
Lois Lane (Overboard)
3m 44s 0 100.00% Lyrics(100.00%), Techno(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D AcidBlock
One Night More
3m 15s 0 100.00% Electro(100.00%), DrumAndBass(100.00%), Techno(100.00%), Trance(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 D The CoShiEs
Equinox (Stinky Soxx Suxx)
2m 58s 0 100.00% Lyrics(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
1 Makke
Echos of the Master
4m 13s 0 100.00% Dance(100.00%)
1 D Happy HC64
Constellation Betha
4m 5s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Fast(100.00%), House(100.00%), Lyrics(100.00%), Techno(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)