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L T D Artist Title Duration th_bpm th_key Strings Tagged as
L 2 D Peppy
7m 7s 0 50.00% Fast(100.00%), Synth(50.00%), Strings(50.00%), Sample(50.00%), Clap(50.00%), Unz(50.00%), Electro(50.00%), Bassy(50.00%), Guitar(50.00%), Ambient(50.00%), Goa(50.00%), DrumAndBass(50.00%), Techno(50.00%)
1 D Markus Siebold
Turrican II (Summer Remix)
4m 21s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Fast(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Relax(100.00%)
L 1 The Dead Guys
Crazy Comets (Mongo Meteor)
4m 18s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Sample(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Funky(100.00%), Relax(100.00%)
1 D M.o.t.N.
Arkanoid Classic
3m 9s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Trumpet(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Piano(100.00%)
1 D Da Phuture Kemist
Last Ninja 3lev4
4m 51s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Asia(100.00%), Flute(100.00%), Bassy(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Ambient(100.00%)
1 D Pino Zulpo
Storm Sweet Remix (Synth Guitar)
6m 25s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Clap(100.00%), Electro(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Dance(100.00%)
2 D Found Atlantis
Sea Of Passion (Tribute to Jeroen Tel)
8m 54s 0 50.00% Synth(50.00%), Strings(50.00%), Clap(50.00%), Happy(50.00%), Bassy(50.00%), Melodic(50.00%), Ambient(50.00%), Techno(50.00%)
Boneless (rainforest mix)
3m 25s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Relax(100.00%), Bassy(100.00%), Ambient(100.00%)
1 D deVilhoOD
Spellbound (Remiximus)
5m 57s 0 100.00% Strings(100.00%), Medieval(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Game(100.00%), Melancholic(100.00%), Progressive(100.00%)
1 D Peppy
6m 40s 0 100.00% Synth(100.00%), Strings(100.00%), Unz(100.00%), Fast(100.00%), Techno(100.00%)
1 D Rob Steptoe
Lightforce (Unstable Asteroid mix)
6m 4s 0 100.00% Strings(100.00%), Atmospheric(100.00%), Slow(100.00%), Melodic(100.00%), Piano(100.00%)